Letter: ‘I am respectfully declining your invitation’

First I would like to thank the many citizens from all districts of Rappahannock County who took the time and effort to sign the petition required for me to be placed on the Nov. 2 ballot for the office of Rappahannock County Clerk of Circuit Court. I would also like to thank Nancy Newlin, our county registrar, for her kind assistance in helping me navigate the paperwork necessary to qualify me as a candidate and be placed on the ballot. This is the first time I have been a candidate for a public office and her assistance was invaluable.

Before moving to Rappahannock County nine years ago I held positions in the private sector with 3M Company and the American Medical Association. I have worked for United Airlines for the past 16 years. I earned my bachelor’s degree in business, a Master of Business Administration and Master of Religion/Leadership (MAR) from Liberty University in Lynchburg. I am aware of the enormous responsibility I have to the citizens of the county after decades of outstanding service by Diane Bruce, but I am ready to roll-up my sleeves and continue the standard of excellence set my Ms. Bruce.

Recently I was invited by the Democratic and Republican parties to address their memberships. I am running as an independent, however, and responded to their kind invitations as follows:

“Thank you for your very kind and generous invitation to make a presentation to the meeting of your party to present my candidacy in the upcoming Nov. 2 election for the Rappahannock County Clerk of Circuit Court. I am identified on the ballot as an Independent.

“While I would enjoy the interaction with your membership, the clerk of Circuit Court is a nonpolitical elected office that should carry no political implications. Consequently I am not seeking or asking for the endorsement of any political party in Rappahannock County. Therefore I am respectfully declining your invitation to participate in this or any upcoming political party meeting or debate.

“I am seeking the position with absolutely no political agenda. My motive is to carry out the duties and responsibilities of this office for the good citizens of Rappahannock County with the exact same standard of excellence in which they have been served over the last three decades.

“As we move forward through the campaign season I will not be reticent in informing the residents of the county through letters to the editor or printed campaign materials the educational, professional, and temperamental qualifications I possess to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the Rappahannock County Clerk of Circuit Court.

“Thank you again for your gracious invitation.”

I am looking forward to the upcoming election and would appreciate your support. My e-mail address is dutyandhonor@aol.com.

Paul Hagstrom

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