Washington ‘tourist home’ request to be withdrawn

Owners Steve Ray and Andrea Wooten were seeking a special use permit to rent their home at 418 Mount Salem Ave. as a tourist home.

The sale of a house on Mount Salem Avenue in Washington that was the focus of a request by its owners to rent it out as a tourist home has been negotiated.

The tourist home special use application before town council will be withdrawn.

Denise Chandler of Country Places Realty reported the home at 481 Mount Salem Ave. is under contract and settlement is set for the end of October.

Chandler said she could not reveal the sales price but that the buyers are “a nice couple from Alexandria, a husband and wife” who will be living in the home.

Chandler said the purchase price will become public information following settlement. The five-bedroom, three-bathroom home had been listed at $625,000.

She put the home on the market for the owners, Steve Ray and Andrea Wooten.

All three had appeared at a Washington town council meeting in August to request a special use exception to allow the residence to be rented out as a tourist home. The request drew comments both in favor and opposed at the public hearing.

The request came after the home had been on the market for some time. Ray and Wooten wanted to move but didn’t want to leave the property vacant or rent it out long-term.

Town Council had decided to put off a decision on the request until its meeting next Monday (Sept. 13). Now that the property is under contract the request for a special use permit will be withdrawn, according to Chandler.

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