‘Family Constellation’ includes Rappahannock in its circle

Randy Goldberg

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A Family Constellation workshop led by Randy Goldberg, a trained Family Constellation facilitator, will be coming to Rappahannock County on Saturday, Oct. 23.

The four-hour workshop starts at 1 p.m. at Mountainside Physical Therapy (next to the Rappahannock Farmers Coop) at 12625A Lee Hwy., Washington.

Family Constellation is a psycho-therapeutic process workshop based on the work of Bert Hellinger.

In each Constellation workshop, participants sit in a circle, within which a “client” (or “seeker”) volunteers to work on a specific personal issue. According to Wikipedia, “the facilitator asks for information about the family of origin looking for traumatic events from the past.” The client presents this information as simply as possible without elaborating.

Then the facilitator asks the client to select members from the circle of participants to represent certain family members. If they agree to do the work, these chosen representatives are instructed not to speak. The facilitator carefully works with this ever-changing portrayal of the client’s family. A common question the facilitator asks a family representative is “How are you feeling?”
Family “secrets” can break to the surface with healing as the aim of the encounter.

One constellation takes around 30 to 50 minutes. Participants can choose to be clients, serve as family representatives or just watch.
The fee for the four-hour workshop is $20. The event is being coordinated in Rappahannock by Rob Sherwood. Those with questions or who wish to RSVP can contact Sherwood at 540-987-8596 or by e-mail at metta69@earthlink.net.

Sherwood has done seven Family Constellation workshops, four with the HellingerDC group in Bethesda, Md. (www.hellingerdc.com) and three with Goldberg, who has led constellation workshops across the area for the past year and a half. Learn more about his work at www.randygoldberg.org.

Here is a passage from Goldberg’s Web site that adds some perspective to this profound healing work:

“Here’s your chance to gain insight into profound unconscious blocks that get passed down from our families and ancestors. It is like spiritual psycho-drama. This neo-shamanic approach allows for insights that you can’t get to by traditional therapy.”

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