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Since this newspaper’s new, local ownership took over in January, we at the Rappahannock News have been making a concerted effort to not miss anything of importance to the uniquely diverse, involved and caring community we’re fortunate to have here in Rappahannock County.

Of course, we miss something every Thursday — though many of our readers tell us we are at least improving with age.

It is true that, to keep this newspaper going through both a slowly recovering economy and historically difficult days for newspapers and print media around the world, we have been putting together and publishing this paper with the smallest (and most hard-working!) of staffs. We’ve been attempting to compensate for any shortcomings in coverage, meanwhile, by making it as easy as possible for the community to contribute news and notices directly to us.

The notice you are now reading, from the editor of the Rappahannock News and RappNews.com, is part of that continuing effort.

By creating more ways for the community to have direct input, we are hoping not only to enhance the printed paper but also this Web site, which already contains more than you will find in any Thursday’s print edition. The most obvious example is our Event Calendar: In the paper, events run on a space-available basis. Online, everything we get is published in the calendar — which, like all content, is also searchable from the box at the top right-hand corner of every page on the site. The Web site also has more photos, and other news that didn’t fit or happened too late for last Thursday’s paper.

Many have asked if they might contribute items to our Rapp Happenings event calendar directly. Others have said they just want a place to communicate directly with other members of the community. We are happy to offer the RappNews.com site as a such a forum.

As of today, you’ll find a section (reachable in the upper-right of each page) called Online Extra! If you’d like to contribute news, notices, letters, thoughts, observations, open questions to the community, anything — for publication on the Web site first, and in the next Thursday’s paper if that’s appropriate — this is the place. You can also sign up to contribute calendar items directly to our “Rapp Happenings” Event Calendar, which we’ve been working hard to make the place to find out what’s happening in Rappahannock County — whether it’s this weekend or two or three months from now, when someone might want to schedule an event and would like to insure it doesn’t conflict with another popular local event.

If you’re interested in being able to sign in to our Web site and contribute directly — either calendar events or articles — please go now to our Contact Us page and send us an online message. Or you can call me at 540-675-3338 between 8:30 and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. We’ll get you set up.

In the meantime, all of us — our publisher Walter Nicklin, editorial assistant and office manager Jan Clatterbuck, reporter/copy editor James Ivancic and myself — sincerely thank you, our readers and subscribers, for your extraordinary support of this newspaper.

Roger Piantadosi

Roger Piantadosi
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Former Rappahannock News editor Roger Piantadosi is a writer and works on web and video projects for Rappahannock Media and his own Synergist Media company. Before joining the News in 2009, he was a staff writer, editor and web developer at The Washington Post for almost 30 years.