RAAC Theatre classes will take you backstage

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RAAC Community Theatre is holding a backstage workshop for those who’d like to get involved in theatre productions “behind the scenes.”

The workshop will start at 10 a.m. Oct. 16 at the RAAC Community Theatre on Gay Street in Washington. There is no fee. A simple complementary lunch will be provided. All ages are welcome.

The workshop will follow a practical, hands-on approach, and cover such subjects as stage management, lighting, costumes, props, set design and construction, publicity and the role of the producer. Teachers will be experienced RAAC Community Theatre hands, including Marcia Kirkpatrick and Susan Hornbostel (costumes), Bonnie Dixson (make-up), Carl Aplin (lighting), Howard Coon (sets), Betty Mahoney (producer) and Peter Hornbostel (stage management).

“Theater is not just actors, the director and a few props,” said Peter Hornbostel, the artistic director of the Theatre. “It takes a team of people working together to make the magic of theater happen. The backstage people are an essential part of the team. And it’s fun working together in the backstage group.”

The workshop is particularly intended for those who have had little or no theatrical experience, and would like to become involved in theater without appearing on the stage, at least for now. It is also open to those with acting experience who would like to become familiar with backstage work as well. Workshop participants will be invited to work on future productions, if they would like to do so, including “A Christmas Carol” to be performed this December.

The workshop schedule is as follows:

• 10 a.m. — The producer and publicity
• 11 a.m. — Stage management and props
• Noon — General discussion. A simple lunch will be provided.
• 1 p.m. — Costumes and make-up
• 2 p.m. — Lighting and sets

Workshop participants may attend whatever workshops they wish. Since the number of participants is limited, reservations are are recommended can be made by calling 540-987-9620.

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