Editorial: Autumn’s bounty — events

Even in this era of cyberspace travel, it’s still impossible for one physical body to be in two places at the same time, as my family and I discovered this past weekend. So much was happening right here in Rappahannock — the Farm Tour, the start of the Castleton fall concert series, the Rappahannock League for Environmental Protection’s Barn Dance, and so on — it was difficult to make a choice.

Such is the richness of Rappahannock, particularly in the autumn. And so my family argued amongst ourselves about what to do. It’s a nice problem — or argument — to have: to be as blessed with such opportunity of choice.

How we, like other Rappahannock residents, discover these choices is usually in the newspaper you hold in your hands (or view on our RappNews.com Web site).

In the print edition of the newspaper is a recurring special section, compiled by Jan Clatterbuck, called “Rapp Happenings.” On RappNews.com, it is simply the Event Calendar.

In fact, the RappNews Event Calendar provides the source data for the printed “Rapp Happenings.” There are always many more events online than we can fit in the paper.

If you have an event coming up, we urge you first consult and then add it to the RappNews.com Event Calendar — from which it’ll make its way into the paper. If you contact us to say you’re interested in being a calendar contributor, we’ll make it possible for you to post all your events there yourself — and as far in advance as you like. (Even those planning the 2011 Studio and Gallery Tour, for example, can effectively save the date as soon as it’s decided.)

By using this interactive Event Calendar feature on our Web site, you can ensure that your planned event does not overlap or conflict with some other already planned and posted event.

As editor Roger Piantadosi says, having community members submitting their own events “will enormously streamline and speed up the process of getting your stuff in the Rappahannock News.” If you’re interested, send an email to roger@rappnews.com and we’ll sign you up and send instructions.

Happy eventing!

Walter Nicklin