Letter: Your write-in Clerk candidate

I am happy to state that I am a write-in candidate for the office of Circuit Court Clerk and excited at the prospect of serving as the next clerk for Rappahannock County. I would like to express my appreciation to the Republican Committee for providing a forum for candidates to speak at their meeting last Tuesday evening. In the allotted time, I shared a profile of me, the Rappahannock native — education, work history, community and volunteer service, social/extracurricular activities that have contributed to my successes, endeared me to public service and qualified me to fulfill this important position scheduled for election on Nov. 2.

I am up to the challenge and more than willing to make the positive changes needed in the clerk’s office. It should be a user-friendly, visitor-friendly and just plain friendly office to visit anytime. It is a primary responsibility of the staff to offer positive interaction every day, within and without, and not on a convenience-only basis. Customer relations are first, and everything else is second.

Having been a user and visitor of the clerk’s office for some time hence, I can say that “a smile” should be the first thing anyone sees upon entering the office. There’s a correlation in affecting attitude change in the recipient as well as the giver, and simply makes everyone’s day better for it. “May I help you?” is the second appeal that should be made. The office is the public’s domain and courtesy is the first order of business in providing service. Am I willing to see that change enacted? Absolutely.

I know everyone is in agreement, therefore I am challenging each registered voter of this county to step out on Nov. 2 to your local voting station and voice your opinion by voting for me, Lavonne Adkins, your write-in candidate. I am hoping to there is a record-setting turnout, so be diligent in marking the calendar, posting on the refrigerator and reminding your friends. We are all working to the same end — positive change. Thank you,

Lavonne Adkins

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