Editorial: Fresh eyes

Another newspaper in the county launched this month. Or, rather, re-launched after a summer hiatus. It’s called “Rapp-Up.”

Why should we at the Rappahannock News be giving free publicity to a potential competitor? Well, for starters, Rapp-Up is a monthly, not a weekly. More important, it’s Rappahannock County High School’s student newspaper, and so we like to think of the students who put it out as colleagues, not competitors.

Thus we hope they don’t mind (we did get permission from their faculty adviser, Dana Thompson) if we “borrow” a bit from their very first issue this fall. Old (“seen-it- all”) newspaper people like those of us at the Rappahannock News can always use fresh eyes.

Rapp-Up columnist Kaitlyn Faulkner got us thinking about the way we sometimes view newcomers to the county:

“Almost everybody discriminates against eighth-graders because they are the newest members of our school. Yes, they are annoying and immature, but remember we were there once too . . .

“When you think about it, imagine how you felt when you were an eighth-grader coming here for the first time. It’s scary coming from the elementary school, where you’re the oldest, to the high school, where you’re the youngest.”

Another RCHS student, Miguel Lorenzo-Day, authors an advice column, which he begins:

“So I was trying to think of something for an advice column, and I thought that the first thing I need is someone who needs advice!” Until he gets questions from the advice-needy, he offers “Miguel’s Life Lessons.” Though he acknowledges that he is “only 15” and “hasn’t really lived much,” what he has to say makes a lot of practical sense to us:

“Do not ask the questions: Why am I here? What is my purpose in life? Or what is the meaning of life? These questions will only lead to unhappiness.”

Philosophizing-too-much publishers can always use clear-eyed, hard-headed writing like this.

Walter Nicklin