Letter: ‘Positive interaction with the public’ is primary

During a recent work assignment over several months, I had the pleasure of working with Lavonne Adkins, first as a co-worker and later as her supervisor. It did not take me long to realize that Lavonne was a professional who continually inspired others with her indefatigable work ethic and almost magical rapport with people. Of the dozens of people with whom I worked during this employment, Lavonne easily was the most outstanding.

When I read her letter in last week’s Rappahannock News, in which she announced her write-in candidacy for the office of Circuit Court clerk, I knew that I had to share my experience of working with her with everyone in the county. I can attest that Lavonne will bring her commitment, determination and flair to this new role, with all of us benefiting in the process. In a recent telephone conversation, she reiterated to me her commitment to make the office of the Circuit Court more user-friendly and well . . . more professional. Moreover, she considers positive interaction with the public to be the primary responsibility of Circuit Court staff. She should know — that’s how she lives her life.

Lavonne is passionate about doing a good job in any project with which she becomes involved, and her aspiration to serve the public as clerk will be no exception. Please write in “Lavonne Adkins” next to the Circuit Court Clerk space on your ballot, when we go the polls on Nov. 2, to shape the future of Rappahannock County. Kindest regards,

Cathie Shiff

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