Letter: It’s not a ceremonial greeter’s position

Last week’s Rappahannock News carried a letter to the editor from a “write-in” candidate for Circuit Court Clerk in Rappahannock County. Lavonne Adkins is certainly entitled to throw her hat into the ring for this position on a write-in basis, just as it is Peggy Ralph and Paul Hagstrom’s right to be listed on the ballot because they filed the required paperwork in a timely manner.

I for one did not glean any evidence from her writings that she has been exposed to any of the experience, education or legal background necessary for what certainly is not a ceremonial greeter’s position as she seems to indicate in her letter. The clerk’s function most definitely requires enormous attention to detail and a thorough understanding of the statutes and court-related matters as they apply to the Circuit Court. That includes filing proceedings promptly.

Over the past 18 or so years, when I have had occasion to visit the clerk’s office, the staff, and Mrs. Ralph in particular, has been nothing if not professional, businesslike and indeed most courteous.

Mrs. Ralph, the current interim clerk and longtime deputy clerk, certainly deserves your consideration for this position. In the last six months, Mrs. Ralph has proven to be more than proficient and in fact, she has orchestrated a seamless transition upon assuming the position of Circuit Court Clerk.

Mrs. Peggy Ralph has my vote, my support and hopefully she can count on yours as well.

Louise van Dort

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