Letter: P.E.G.G.Y. gets his vote

After reading all of the letters about the candidates running for the office of the Circuit Court Clerk, I am compelled to give you some information about one person running for this office.

I don’t know all of the candidates personally and am not taking anything away from them or their ability to hold this position. I do know Peggy Ralph personally and would like to share with you a bit of information that I think would make her the right candidate for this office.

Last winter throughout a bad snowstorm we were as busy as we could be pushing snow as fast as we could go. Everybody wants to be on top of the list when this happens and you can’t be everywhere at once. Peggy was concerned that I would not get there in time to get her driveway opened so that she could get to work at the Circuit Court. That was her only concern at the time.

Peggy’s driveway is approximately an eighth of a mile long. Determined to be able to get out so she could get to work she shoveled a path from the house to the main road. I don’t know how long it took her but I can say this much, she’s got guts. She continued to keep this path opened till I could get to her driveway plow it. This woman had to have worked all through the night to keep the path opened. The piles of snow she shoveled were huge.

I have young men that work for us in times like this and I can tell you that that determination does not exist in today’s world and these young men would have quit if they had to shovel that amount of snow. Peggy’s determination to succeed in one job to get to her other job was remarkable.

She’s an outstanding citizen in our community. I have assured her I will personally get her to work during any snowstorms that we have in the future. As we talked after I plowed the driveway I could see that her job at the clerk’s office was her No. 1 priority and she had to be able to get there no matter what.

PEGGY stands for: Personally knows her job in every aspect; Exceptional community leadership; Guidance to all that meet her; Gratefully helps her fellow man; Yes, this is the candidate I will be supporting in the election for the office of the Circuit Court Clerk of Rappahannock.

William H. Harris
Flint Hill

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