Some good runs at district cross-country meet

Freshman Amrit Tamang was the first Rappahannock County runner to finish the Wednesday race. Photo by Christine Krapf.

The crunch of leaves . . . the gentle fall breeze . . . and dozens of pounding feet battling for the lead on a wooded trail. Ah, the sights and sounds of a Rappahannock County High School cross country meet.

Last Wednesday (Oct. 13), the Panthers hosted a Bull Run District meet with all six schools in competition.

A very satisfied coach James Sharpe said, “While our numbers weren’t as high as the other teams, we had a number of strong performances.” Sophomore Matt Beck shattered his personal best by a minute, breaking 20 minutes for a time of 19 minutes 40 seconds. Junior Josh Jones also set a personal best, while two freshmen, Amrit Tamang and Danny Collins, “put in their peak performances for the season,” Sharpe said.

For the varsity girls, several commendable performances came across the finish line. “Senior Brittani Dodson put in a tough effort,” Sharpe noted, “placing 18th in the District and placing as Rapp’s top runner with a time of 23 minutes 55 seconds.”

Senior Tessa Crews and freshman Rita Clifton ran season bests, and coach Sharpe got solid performances by another senior-freshman pair, Katie Hartman and Emma Fisher, who came back after injuries.

The team is hoping its performance is a harbinger of things to come as the Panthers host the Bull Run District Championships next Wednesday (Oct. 27). The meet begins at 5 p.m.