Crime & Courts for Oct. 28

Thomas Edward Lee III

Woodville man to serve six years for child abuse

A 27-year-old Woodville man received a stiff sentence Friday (Oct. 22) for administering narcotics to his two-month-old daughter last December.

Rappahannock Circuit Court Judge Herman A. Whisenant Jr. sentenced Thomas Edward Lee III to more than 11 years in prison for felony child abuse and probation violations, suspending just over five years. Lee will serve the remaining six years and four months in a state correctional facility.

Lee was arrested last Dec. 8 after deputies and rescuers responded to a 911 call for an injured child on Walnut Lane. Taken to Inova Fairfax Hospital, the infant was found to have a head injury and other injuries to the chest, and tested positive for narcotics. Lee told investigators that he had panicked and crushed some of the prescription painkiller Percocet he was taking for an earlier motorcycle-accident injury, and put some of it in the baby’s mouth with his wet finger.

“What I did was wrong,” Lee told the judge Friday, “and I am sorry.”

Chester Gap store burglarized

Sometime after last Saturday night (Oct. 23), the Chester Cap Grocery was burglarized – the third time the store had been broken into this year, according to Sheriff Connie Smith.

Among the items stolen, said store owner Mary Williams, were a cash register, cigarettes, candy, soda and cakes.

Mary and Brad Williams have operated the store at 181 Chester Gap Road since 2003. “We are here for the community. When something like this happens, it makes me feel like giving up [and] going someplace and hide,” Mary Williams said.

A Sheriff’s Office investigation continues.

The latest scam . . .

Smith said the latest report the Sheriff’s Office has received about possible scams involved a county resident who received a letter from SBC Financial, Inc. of Toronto. The letter stated that the recipient was the winner of $80,000 from “multinational companies of North America.” A check in the amount of $4,800 was enclosed, purportedly drawn on Citizens State Bank of India. But to claim the $80,000 prize, Smith said, the “winner” would first have to send a $2,900 “processing fee.” No money was sent. “I receive emails weekly with the same offers,” said Smith, who suggested that people “use their good judgement and common sense” when dealing with offers which, like this one, appear too good to be true.

Incidents summary

The Sheriff’s Office responded to 198 calls for assistance from Sunday, Oct. 19 through Sunday, Oct. 24. Seven minor accidents were reported and investigated by Sheriff’s deputies, Smith said.

Four of the accidents involved vehicles striking deer.

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