Letter: Retire Cantor, elect Waugh

This contentious election year has been dominated by loud and angry Tea Parties shouting about how their country was stolen from them in 2008 by that most heinous of criminal acts, a fair and free election. And if you are thinking of joining this mob on Election Day by casting your ballot for incumbent Republican Congressman Eric Cantor over Democratic challenger Rick Waugh, think again.

For one thing, Cantor vows to repeal the recent Health Care Reform Act, you know, the one that forbids medical insurance companies from denying coverage to people with preexisting conditions. The same act that makes it possible for our neighbors who battle diabetes, cancers, heart conditions, and their children who suffer from chronic and debilitating childhood diseases to finally have access to hospitals and doctors without having the costs passed on to the rest of us. But Cantor has vowed to slam the door in their faces. Now there’s a “death panel” for you, one with which Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck seem to have no problem.

Cantor has had no difficulty denouncing the bailouts to Goldman Sachs and AIG, along with General Motors and Chrysler, while his wife sat on the board of a bank that freely took federal money. This is the very definition of hypocrisy. What Cantor doesn’t seem to understand is that those bailouts, distasteful and unfair as they were, halted an economic meltdown that threatened to turn the Great Recession into the Big Depression.

At least in Rick Waugh, we would have as congressman someone who’d represent flesh and blood American taxpayers instead of Big Finance, Big Pharmaceuticals, and Big Oil, with their political action committees and money- spreading lobbyists. And he would certainly not allow those same lobbyists into the halls of Congress to write the very laws that regulate their client’s own industries. That’s called stacking the deck, not free enterprise. And it’s certainly not democracy, but that’s the way Eric Cantor does business; Rick Waugh can, and will do better.

If you want a real shake-up on Nov. 2, vote for Rick Waugh for United States Congress.

Fred Schaefer

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  1. Fred, The health care you memtioned above has alot more in it than just health care. Once this thing really gets going I guarantee you won’t like it much. I am for repeal of this bill and start over with something that every American can live with.

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