Letter: The competence is hers

Detail from the postcard in question.

The postcard I received Tuesday morning from Paul Hagstrom very definitely gives the impression that he is the incumbent in the race for Rappahannock’s Clerk of the Circuit Court and, as such, is responsible for the “valued traditions of competence, courtesy, efficiency and excellence at the Rappahannock County Clerk’s Office that our citizens have come to expect.” I will not go so far as to say that this is a deliberate deception, but the effect is the same. In fact, however, it is Peggy Ralph who has worked many years as assistant to the previous clerk, Diane Bruce, and who is now the acting clerk, who can share credit for all of the above-mentioned benefits that we “have come to expect.”

Do not be fooled. Vote for Peggy Ralph.

John Cadwalader

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