Letter: The kindness of strangers

Thank you, compassionate citizens of this very special place, Rappahannock County. One recent morning my little brown dog escaped through an open fence gate. Several of you spotted him, completely panicked, running on Route 211. When I arrived on the scene, two complete strangers had stopped their cars in an effort to block the highway and were attempting to coax the terrified terrier to them, to no avail. He was so frightened that even when I got close enough to call his name, he kept running, wild-eyed, into the brush and then across all four lanes of traffic. The dog warden arrived in his truck and his blinking lights helped alert drivers. I finally was able to get the dog’s attention and scoop him up, but not before others had joined in the effort to save this little fellow from himself. To all of you, I extend my heartfelt gratitude.

(P.S.: My apologies for acting the hysterical fool. Canine kudos to all of you who brought a happy ending to my feckless flight. –Wally the dog)

Carolyn Sabol

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