Gallery: Local haunts

Rappahannock County Supervisor Bryant Lee brought his bee-decked grandson Shane Lee to the Rappahannock News office during a trick-or-treating stop on Halloween Sunday, as part of the town’s long-standing Halloween tradition.

Other visitors included cheerleaders Ryann Luthi, Samantha Payton and Payton Luthi, all from Castleton; and an entire costume-clad family: (front row) DJ Hudson and Cody Weller, (second row) Ellen Hudson, Debbie Weller and Linda Clanagan, and (back row) Anthony Clanagan, Anna Hudson and Amy Weller.

Halloween dusk provided the excuse for a pagan-like ceremony re-enactment at John Henry’s farm off Crest Hill Road in Flint Hill. (See the video below by National Geographic photographer Bruce Dale, who was a guest at the party.) More than 100 Rappahannock County residents and guests gathered near a bonfire, listened to musicians and watched costumed performers, distinguished by the papier mache masks and choreography of Rappahannock’s Peggy Schadler and her 1,000 Faces troupe.

A Rappahannock Halloween Festival from Bruce Dale on Vimeo.