Letter: Rappahannock forges a new Business Link

If you spend time watching the news, you’d be hard-pressed to believe that there is nothing that can divide a nation, state or county like an election, especially during these tough times. However, should you manage to get outside the box; you’ll quickly see that nothing can unite a community like those same tough times.

I have been lucky enough to sit on the board of directors at the Link community center for more than four years now, with the last two as vice chair and co-chair. I’ve seen many great things happen, and witnessed countless times what positive thinking and determination can pull off, regardless of the odds. One of our more recent endeavors has been an enlightening experience that demonstrates the bond and kinsmanship in our community, specifically in this case, Rappahannock’s vibrant business community.

Several months ago, we realized that, while the Link has done a good job serving many segments of our community we have not reached out to our business community the way we should. Three board members — Jan Makela, Brad Barnes and I — set out to see if we could fix that.

Through several brainstorming sessions, breakfasts and countless e-mails, we arrived at what we hope will become a regular quarterly event. The Rappahannock Business Link will be a venue where our fellow residents who own, operate or conduct business in and around the county can gather for an hour or so of networking, relationship building, levity and positive thinking with other businessmen and -women. This is not a formal meeting, and you will not need to hear a sales pitch on the latest widget to keep stink bugs out of your house.

When we started down this path, we were excited about what it could become. As we approach the date for the first Rappahannock Business Link — to be held from 5 to 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 16 at the Link — it is clearly evident that our excitement was not only well-founded but shared by many, many others within our business community. Our goal of aligning our first set of sponsors was by far the easiest task we had undertaken, and the enthusiasm they showed us as we shared our plans was a huge boost to the confidence of the planning committee. Indeed, what we had set out to accomplish was in fact a viable endeavor that was filling a real need.

I would like to extend a sincere thank you to those we approached for sponsorship. Your belief in us and what we are doing has been uplifting. Please see our flier with details and a list of sponsors posted in most Post Offices, Union First Market Bank, the Rappahannock News calendar of events and Rappnet.

I would also like to invite you join us if you would like to spend an hour or two mingling, interacting and learning about what other business people in the community are doing. There’s no cost to attend. Just bring some business cards and a smile. We’ll provide some nibbles and refreshing libations as well as a very fun, productive evening.

Jason R. Brady,
Vice President
Union First Market Bank

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