Letter: Thanks to you, happy trails for FHVFRC

From left, Audra Dickey, Deborah Miloslavich and Janet Borden present Flint Hill Fire and Rescue president Bill Welch with the proceeds the 2010 trail ride and cookout.

The officers and members of the Flint Hill Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company would like to express our grateful appreciation for all the hard work and donations that made the third annual benefit trail ride and cookout such a success. Again this year, the prime movers and shakers for this event were our tireless project managers, Deborah Miloslavich, Janet Borden and Audra Dickey. Without their efforts, this event would not have been possible.

It is impossible to name everyone who contributed, but we must mention the Lions Club, Gary Settle and Anne and Ken Pankow, who loaned us tents. Thanks to our local businesses, particularly Chef Victor and Griffin Tavern, Hillsdale Country Store, Lee’s Orchard, Settles Grocery, Martin’s Food Store, Costco and Food Lion. To Sergeant Heinz and his crew, who prepared and served the dinner, thank you, and well done. And, of course, the owners of the beautiful farms over which the 17 miles of trail ran: Hard Rock Farms, Red Fox Run, Patria, Wakefield Manor and Bolton Branch Farm.

And, thanks to all who participated in the trail ride and those who attended the cookout. Our volunteer fire department appreciates every one of you.

Richard Brady
Secretary, FHVFRC

Richard Brady
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