‘Understory’ to open at Ballard

Detail of a Labovitz photo of double lady slippers in bloom.

“Understory,” an exhibition of photographs on canvas by Virginia native Jackie Bailey Labovitz, opens this Saturday (Nov. 20) at R.H. Ballard Gallery in Washington.

An artist reception open to the public from 4 to 7 p.m. Saturday will feature Gray Ghost wines and light fare.

“When photographs are as beautiful as these, they should be seen by everyone,” states Helene Lisy of the Naturalist Center at the National Museum of Natural History of the Smithsonian Institution, where this exhibit is also concurrently on view.

Labovitz’s photographic expertise is in the ability to capture the rare moments when spring ephemerals are in bloom, which sometimes could be just a few hours or days.

Upon discovering the delicate and ephemeral understory she began to search for more of these elusive flowering gems. She approached these and other plants, met by chance, at their own level in their natural light. In searching for these emerging plants she would return multiple times, sometimes taking all day on one plant, until the light was just right. Lying flat on the ground, using a long lens, she achieved a naturalistic perspective few get to see.

Her work will be shown through Dec. 12 at the R.H. Ballard Gallery, l307 Main St., Washington. More information, as well as more images, can be seen on the Ballard Web site at www.rhballard.com. For additional information, contact Robert H. Ballard at 540-675-1411.