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Applications are now being accepted for Hearthstone School’s Talent and Special Interest Program. The program supports young people who are actively developing a talent or skill, or studying in-depth a subject of special interest, such as history, science, botany and others.

Students engaged in serious pursuit of a talent, skill or field of interest may find it difficult to do so while attending most schools. Rehearsals, competitions, training or special events may conflict with the typical school schedule. To help them develop their talents, Hearthstone now offers the Talent and Special Interest Program.

Students enrolled at Hearthstone and pursuing a talent or skill are eligible. For example, music students, art students, dance students and gymnastics students would qualify. Hearthstone students who are seriously pursuing a specific field of interest or study, especially for a future career, will also be eligible. Students studying subjects such as gardening/landscaping, veterinary science or history would qualify.

The program offers several benefits: academic credit, academic support, community support and recognition. For students in grades nine through 12, academic credit will be awarded for classes and training completed outside of school, and there will be flexibility on due dates for school assignments and projects if the dates coincide with events in the student’s specialty field.

A limited number of excused absences for days the student spends attending competitions and other events in his or her specialty field may also be permitted. Each student in the program will share his or her work in an annual presentation to Hearthstone students and staff, and Hearthstone community members will be encouraged to attend the student’s performances, competitions, etc.

How does the program work?

The student and parents submits a completed application. An interview with the student and his or her parents may also be required.
Once a student is accepted into the program, he or she will be assigned a staff supervisor, who will oversee documentation and academic credit, assist with schedule coordination and help arrange the student’s annual presentation.

If the student requests excused absences or flexibility on due dates, he or she will need to state on the application the dates of the special events and explain the purpose of attending. Qualifying events include performances, competitions, exhibitions, rehearsals or classes in the specialty field. Documentation will be required for attendance at such events to count toward academic credit.

Academic credit will be awarded on an individual basis, depending on the number of hours logged in the student’s specialty field.
Students in the program must remain in good standing at Hearthstone and maintain satisfactory progress in their classes. They will be required to make an annual presentation at Hearthstone on their specialty field and, for academic credit, documentation must be submitted as described above.

For more information, contact Hearthstone School at info@hearthstoneschool.org, or call 540-987-9212.

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