Letter: A better tomorrow for Rappahannock sports

This year marked a new beginning for the football program at Rappahannock County High School. We have a new coach, Terrence Johnson, who is committed to the program and wants to build a championship team. He has told me that he will return next year. We have assistant varsity football coach Justin Maffee, who is passionate about the game and wants the team to learn the fundamentals of the game. We have the ever assistant varsity coach Rich Hogan, who loves to take care of the field and praise the players, and we have assistant varsity coach Scott Stephens, who has a nickname for every player.

The players are young and the majority of them are inexperienced, but they all played with heart. We have six seventh-graders, 14 eighth-graders, 10 freshmen, 10 sophomores and six juniors.

With practice, patience, participation in winter and spring sports and participation in the Bigger, Faster, Stronger training program during the summer, the players will improve and have success. We are very proud of all the students who stuck with both teams and continued to play and learn the game. Great job, boys!

We thank the community members who came to the games and supported both teams. We look forward to the winter season of basketball and wrestling. I thank all the sponsors for the fall season. We will have many opportunities for their continued involvement during winter.

Parents of elementary school students should know that there are several parents who are planning a feeder football program for Rappahannock County for next fall. They will play with Luray and Page teams for games. The children in RCES need to participate in the recreational sports that are being offered in our community. Wayne Sumner has started a basketball league for this winter. We have soccer, baseball and the newly formed Rapp Rage Wrestling Club.

We need our kids to put aside the X-boxes and Wii games. They need to be involved in a sport and exercise. Get your child involved! We thank you for your support and hope to see you this winter at the basketball and wrestling events.

Amy Hitt
Vice President, Rappahannock County School Sports Association

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