Turkey and trimmings, part one

Jennifer Deal last week asked each child in her kindergarten class at Wakefield Country Day School where turkeys come from and how they are prepared for Thanksgiving dinner. The following were some of their answers, transcribed by Deal:

Stuart Niessen: “Well, we have two wild turkeys in our forest, but I wouldn’t use those. When I was a baby I didn’t know where to get turkeys. Now, I think my Mom goes to an organic farm. We don’t cook turkeys, we keep them as pets on our farm. Other people get them from grocery stores. You have to put it in a pot and put some sauce on it. Cook it for like 50 minutes on medium-high temperature. Cut it with a knife and eat it with rice. I go to Atlanta for Thanksgiving because my aunt lives there. It is really, really fun. I love Thanksgiving!”

Anna Alldredge: “Go to a farm to get a turkey. The farmer will cut off its neck so it will die. Take it home and skin it and take off the feathers. Wash off the blood with a rag or towel. Don’t forget to use gloves! Put it in a pot. You put super-duper baking powder on it. You need salt and pepper and sugar on it. Make sure it’s not spicy for the children. Bake it for six hours on really, really hot degrees. When it comes out, make a nice chicken salad with it and eat it with your family.”

Jack Gerard: “My Mom would go to a farmer’s market to get a turkey. She would clean it with water and throw it in a pot. On my DS game, Kirby the chef would bang some pots together and the turkey would just hop in there. He would put some salt and sauce on top and throw it in a giant pot. He would put it in the oven to cook for 1,600 hours on really, really, really hot. Kirby loves food. When it came out of the oven, he would throw it in a Thanksgiving horn and eat everything with it. That’s all.”

Tyler Farley: “We go to Costco to get a Thanksgiving turkey. My mom cleans it with a knife. She puts it right by the sink. I don’t really know what she puts on it, but it’s some kind of special sauce that I don’t really know about, but it comes in a beer can! She cooks it for maybe like… 11 minutes on six degrees. We eat nothing with it — just turkey. Can I go now Mrs. Deal?”

Alexis Cross: “I don’t really know where my Grandpa goes to get a turkey, but it’s good wherever it comes from! The best part of Thanksgiving is the sweet potatoes because they have marshmallows on them! Yum! Take all of the blood and stuff off — that’s just gross! They do it (cook the turkey) while my cousins and me play. I’m playing, so I don’t know anything about what they put on the turkey, really. We just go in the kitchen for one minute to snoop around, then it’s back to my room to play again. I guess they probably cook it for like 15 seconds or something on hot temperature. We eat noodle soup with it. Thanksgiving is real fun for me, I can tell you that Mrs. Deal!”

Josh Gayle: “Get a turkey from the turkey store. They are already dead, so you don’t have to worry about that. Clean it with turkey cleaner stuff. Put it in a big bowl. Put oil and little green spices on it. Put it in the oven and cook it on 30 degrees for 60 seconds. Eat it with stuffing, mashed potatoes . . . and that’s it. I’m gonna go to my grandparents’ house for Thanksgiving. They bought me the Duck Hunter game that’s scared. The directions said it had real flapping wings by itself, but not from a real duck, it’s a game.”

Bayleigh Fox: “First you have to catch a turkey at a farm. You have to pretend you’re a cowboy and get a rope. You swing the rope in the air and throw it at the turkey. Then you take the turkey home and kill it. I think you use a knife or a spear. You have to use a rock or knife to get the skin and feathers off. That was the best part for the Indians, you know! They used the feathers for their headbands . . . Back to the turkey, Mrs. Deal. Then clean it with water and soap — that’s very important to get the germs off! Stuff it with stuffing. Put it in a big bag in a big pan (about this long). I think we bake it for 30 minutes on 22 degrees. Put some special sauce on it that has a moose or a buffalo on the bottle, then eat it up. But, I do not like turkey, so I won’t eat it, but everyone else will. Happy Thanksgiving Mrs. Deal. I love you!”

Ava Lubkemann: “You go to the grocery store to get a turkey. When you bring it home, clean it with baby wipes. Put salt on it. It goes on a big plate. It bakes in the oven for about five minutes. It goes on “hot” degrees. Cool it off by flapping a blanket over it. We sit it on the table and eat it. It’s good! We eat it with a fork and a spoon and everyone uses plates. Did you know my grandma lives in Pennsylvania? She took care of me while my Mom and Dad were in the Cayman Islands.”

Jessica Keller: “Go to the store and get a turkey and take it home. My Dad doesn’t clean it, but he takes the bones out. I don’t know why, because I like bones! I don’t know what he puts on it, but I think maybe pepper. Pepper makes me sneeze, though! Cook it in the microwave for 3 minutes. It doesn’t take long at all. Cook it on warm and hot temperatures. When it comes out it’s hot, so let it cool. We eat anything that Daddy cooks with it. I’ve been wanting some salmon, so maybe he’ll fix that.

Jess Seaborn: “Let me think about it . . . I think maybe you go to an outside turkey store. You run after the turkey and catch it with a rope. Bring it home and take the fur off of it. Put it in a bowl and add some spicy sauce. Cook it for 50 seconds on 5 degrees. Eat salad, tomatoes and chicken with it for Thanksgiving. That sounds right!”

Ansel Lauben: “You go to a farm and catch a turkey with your hands. Scrape the feathers off and clean it with a brush and water. Put rice on the turkey and put it in the oven. Cook it for 8 minutes on 1 degrees. Eat it with pumpkin pie. Sometimes we have pizza with it and play games and color on special papers. I go to my cousin’s and Grandma’s.”

Ruthie McMahon: “Go get a turkey from the grocery store. I don’t remember which one. You don’t have to clean it or anything. I think you put it in a pan to cook. Don’t put anything on it. Cook the turkey for 13 hours. I don’t really know, but I think you cook it on 5 degrees. Actually, I think you eat rice and mashed potatoes with it. Mommy, Daddy, Leo, Peter, and me will all eat together.”

Aaron Hubley: “Go get a turkey at a farm. Kill it with a stabber. Bring it home and clean it with a fork by scraping it. You have to get all the feathers off. Wash it with water in the sink. Sprinkle it with hot sauce to make it good. It goes in the oven to cook for like 10 minutes. Cook it on 10 degrees. Let it cool off and then you can eat it up. It’s really good.”

Victoria Calderon: “You go to the shopping center to get a turkey. You clean it with water and a wash cloth when you get home. Put it in a pan and add spices to it to season it. Put it in the oven and cook it for 9 minutes on warm degrees. When it comes out eat it with a fork and noodles. I’m going to Disney World for Thanksgiving! Me and my sister are going to get some things.”

Sadie Henizelman: “Get a turkey from a barn. You have to catch it with a net first. Take the eyeballs and feathers off. Clean it with water and a big brush. Put it in a pot and put some spices and salt on it. Cook if for about five hours on hot. Eat it with a fork and some chili. I also eat tomatoes with it. It’s really good!”

Colby Poe: “You find a turkey at the store. You don’t have to wash it, you just roast it in the oven and then slice it up. Cook it for three hours in the oven on 350 degrees. We eat it with mashed potatoes, gravy, dressing, rolls, green beans and pumpkin pie. I go to my Nana’s house for Thanksgiving.”

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