Letter: Angels, cherubs and . . . thanks

appahannock Senior Center Coordinator Darcy Canton tends to the Senior Angel Tree at the Rappahannock County Library. Staff Photo/Roger Piantadosi.

We just wanted to briefly thank the wonderful people of Rappahannock County for their embracing of the seniors and children in the county through the Senior Angel Tree and the Cherub Tree projects. While both are being run separately and distinctly, the same folks in the community are supporting these two precious groups. What a joy it is to give, and the Rappahannock community has found that joy! With only one week to go, there are still a few more angels/cherubs to be adopted.

Senior Angels are located at Reynolds Memorial Baptist Church, Union First Bank and the Rappahannock Library. Cherubs are located at the Country Cafe, Trinity Episcopal Church, and BB&T (in Flint Hill). Gifts need to be in no later than Friday, Dec. 17.

Again, thanks, Rappahannock, for your love and support to the others in this beautiful community!

With sincere appreciation,

Darcy Canton
Rappahannock Senior Center Coordinator

Sharon Pyne
Social Worker, Rappahannock Department of Social Services

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