Letter: Disconnected thinking

I read Ron Maxwell’s long-winded Luddite manifesto in the Dec. 2 Rappahannock News and I think he missed the point. People here in Rappahannock County are also hoping that improved cellular service will provide additional, competitive options for land-line phone service or broadband Internet. Local businesses, especially those that require travel, would like to be able to retrieve messages while away from the office or shop.

It must be nice to have the kind of lifestyle that affords one the luxury to be able to “turn off your cell phone” when you leave Warrenton or be able to doddle along on dial-up Internet. For the rest of us, though, we would be happy if the local telephone company’s decades-old copper infrastructure didn’t deliver loud static every time it rains. We would like faster broadband so that we can download that vacation reading assignment for our child or to stream the video for the class we are completing online. We would also like to see that our plumber can receive a call in the field from the supply house letting him know that our new well pump has arrived (and thus, water will be restored on Friday instead of Monday).

I realize that topography and economics will greatly limit the extent of cellular coverage in Rappahannock. I get that. But I think that there is room for improvement for the areas that can be served.

Bruce Loth
Harris Hollow

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