Letter: Garden Club thanks supporters

It is incredible that we made and sold slightly more holiday decorations this year than last, but we did. Thank you to all who bought our fresh, all-natural made-to-order wreaths, door swags, garlands and centerpieces. They are now adorning homes in Rappahannock County — and as far away as Potomac.

The funds raised through this endeavor help the Rappahannock County Garden Club fulfill its mission of furthering youth education. It allows us to support the Farm-to-Table program, fund scholarships for graduating high school students, and send several Rappahannock County children to nature camps — both the day-camp in Rappahannock County managed by Potomac Environmental Council (PEC) and run by Lyt Wood, and the two-week overnight camp in Vesuvius.

Four days of cutting greens all over the county the week before Thanksgiving and four full days of set up and arrangement making last week (not counting drying flowers and seed heads, making prototypes, marketing, conditioning the greens, and cleaning up the Washington Fire Hall) is unquestionably work — and physically demanding work at that. Yet, we feel amply rewarded by the big smiles and delight of our customers picking up their orders and by being able to introduce children to gardening, the wonders of nature, and the flora and fauna of our local ecosystems — as well as helping students move into college programs to enrich their futures.

Thank you to all who bought greenery from us! We look forward to continuing to provide beautiful arrangements next year.
For the Rappahannock County Garden Club,

Fawn Evenson

Barbara King

Sylvie Rowand

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