Wakefield celebrates Christmas season

At its weekly assembly Wednesday, the students at Wakefield Country Day School participated in traditional (to the school) Christmas activities. The senior class took the stage to conduct “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” With much enthusiasm and laughter, the seniors led each grade in singing each verse and pantomiming the meaning. Thus the first grade rose and sang “A partridge in a pear tree” with arms held aloft and hands joined above their heads, the second grade then rose and sang “two turtledoves” while moving their hands in a flying fashion, the third grade sang “three French hens” while using bended arms to imitate flapping wings, and so forth, with the seniors modeling each verse. By the end of the song, the entire group was laughing and cheering.

“The Lord of the Dance” followed and concluded this traditional assembly. All the students in grades nine through 12 ringed the auditorium with joined hands, creating arches. The eighth grade then led the younger students with joined hands in and out of the arches, while we all sang “The Lord of the Dance,” led by the faculty onstage.