Down Memory Lane/Out of the Attic

From the Rappahannock News of Dec. 19, 1985: Walter (Doc) Lillard takes a winter stroll near Jett Street in Washington.

50 years ago
January, 5, 1961

The Rappahannock Rescue Squad met Jan. 2 at the fire house with 13 members present and Capt. Frank Huff presiding. After the reading and approval of minutes, a report was given on the last dance sponsored by the squad and held at Sperryville. Proceeds from the dance and the quilt given away were $522.50 net.

Mr. and Mrs. Brue Wood entertained with a party New Year’s Eve. They had as their guests Mrs. G. W. Smith, Jr., Miss Ruth Stevens, Robert L. Brown, Mrs. Mary Krause, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Moore and Mr. and Mrs. James Yates.

Mrs G.W. Smith, Jr., entertained the Flint Hill Bridge Club and additional guests on Tuesday, Dec. 27. Those playing were Mrs. Harry Lee Smith, Mrs. W. A. Moore, Mrs. O.W. Gilbert, Jr., Mrs. Thomas Eastham, Mrs. Frank Spalding, Mrs. C. T. Bruce. Mrs. John S. Browning, Mrs. Joe Jenkins, and Mrs. Earl Edmonds. Prizes were awarded Mrs. Spalding, Mrs. Edmonds, and Mrs. Bruce. Guests exchanged gifts.

25 years ago
December 12, 1985

Mayor Peter Kramer called a special meeting of the Washington Town Council on Dec. 5 to address questions raised in a letter by Barbara Wood. Mrs. Wood is objecting to the proposed Krebser and Martin Partnership building for which a special use permit was granted by Town Council on Nov. 13.

Silesia may not elicit instant recognition, but it does with Jane Krebser. Her new art gallery, which includes a work from the extinct country, opened in Washington on Dec. 7. Mrs. Krebser collected the paintings during extensive travel in Europe with her husband, Dr. Werner Krebser.

The Rappahannock School Board in its regular monthly meeting on Dec. 10 voiced strong opposition to the Reagan administration’s proposed voucher program, which is expected to be submitted to Congress in the near future. In other business, school superintendent Robert Estabrook presented plans for a workshop in the Elementary School on Dec. 11 for previously identified gifted and talented children. The workshop is the brainstorm of Elementary School Principal Maggie Piper, Mr. Estabrook said.

10 years ago
December 20, 2000

At the December meeting of the Washington Town council, Mayor Stew Willis proposed evaluating the Clopton parcel and the VDOT property for use as Town drainfield sites. He reported that David Cole of Sunnyside Farms had said that he “may support a drainfield” on the Clopton property, and that Mr. Cole had given permission for the Town to have an engineer look at he site.

The Bar Association of the District of Columbia announced its Lawyer of the Year, Robert L. Weinberg, squire at its 129th annual event at the Embassy of France. A resident of Sperryville, Weinberg served as president of the Bar Association of D.C. in the 1990s.

On Dec. 6 the Tally Ho 4-H Club got together for its Christmas party. Gifts were wrapped for a family the club had adopted for Christmas. Everyone had a lot of fun. Members of the Tally Ho 4-H who attended the party included Eileen Kelly, Sharon Kelly, Jessica Colley, Jessica Sims, Nicole Brown, Katie Nelson, Daniel Perez and Katherine Combs, Kim Nelson, Cara Corbin, Allison Kelly, Jenny Kelly, Annelise Riedel and Lisa Combs.