Letter: Reader likes her ‘Snappy’

After reading last week’s Rappy Snappy, I feel compelled to say, “Kudos to Walter Nicklin and all who have taken the task of making the Rappahannock News a fine local paper.” I know just enough about the newspaper business to know it is a thankless and costly undertaking.

Just a few of my bravos go to:

1. Great reporting on official county meetings (when we came here in 1996, a well-known supervisor assured me the proceedings should not be in the newspaper and they weren’t!)

2. The crime log (not reported before because it would keep people from moving here).

3. Courthouse Row (excellent and complete — I know it takes some digging to get it).

4. Crossword puzzle — three cheers for this — published by a small newspaper and of a quality it can’t be done in one minute.

5. Tom Mullany’s editorial cartoon — wow, just like the Washington Post, and other big boys.

6. Great area reporters like Barbara Adolfi — I know that takes a lot of time and effort!

7. Wild Ideas by Pam Owen — my favorite read that I devour with warmth. (I remember making wreaths of crow’s foot ferns 60 years ago in Chateaugay, N.Y. By the 1970s it was almost gone from overuse.)

8. Great local pictures — can’t you just soak in the harmony of “Black, white and Blue Ridge”?

9. Thought-provoking articles — I always love Ben Jones’ articles. And once again, he is right on about cell phones. The Boston tower adds coverage along Route 522 in the county. All of our county cell sites are aimed at providing coverage along our highways. But we shouldn’t be using the phones while we are on the highways. Huh?
I say we have something to crow about — our much improved Rappahannock News.

Gwen Hays
West Wind Farm

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