Letter: Monumental vandalism

When I went to put Christmas flowers on my parents’ graves in the Sperryville cemetery (James Ludd Jenkins and Martha Lee Jenkins), I got a very big, upsetting shock. I could not believe that someone had taken some object and poked each of their faces out of the pictures on the front of the headstone. To this person, you are a psychotic, sick or just mean and hateful person. I find the act extremely disturbing and I hope you know I have contacted the Rappahannock Sheriff’s Office.

To anyone who might have some information regarding who did this please contact the Sheriff’s Office at 540-675-5300. I can only hope someone does have information about this sick and offensive event. I’d hope whoever did this thinks about how they would feel if this type of vandalism was done to one of their loved one’s final resting place.

Esther Marie Frazier

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