Sperryville column for Jan. 6

Among participants at the Link's New Year's Day bonfire and indoor celebration were, from left: Keith Hansen, Montserrat Meiro Lorenzo, Nikki and Jason Brady (RNPC’s new executive director) and daughter Tana, Jan Makela (RNPC board member), Barbara Adolfi, Robbie Hamill-Huff, Roger Segalla, Patrick Lee and Bob Treanor. Photo by E. Raymond Boc.

2010 in review

My co-columnist, Gail Swift, and I have had fun bringing to you all the news we can find about Sperryville. Please remember to send us information that you would like us to consider including in the column . . . It is your column.

We started 2010 by saying farewell to the Epicurious Cow in Amissville only to welcome Terri Lehman and the cowgirls as they moved to the Thornton River Grille and the Corner Store.

We continued to bring information to you all year about non-storefront businesses in our effort to publicize the skills and services of tradesmen and women in our community. And we gave you information about businesses to encourage shopping locally.

Despite being buried in snow for two months, Sperryville businesses stayed open and the Link hosted the very successful Rappahannock Benevolent Fund dinner during one of the biggest snowfalls of the year.

The St. Patrick’s Day celebration at the Link and the Miss Rappahannock Pageant moved us into spring and Mother’s Day treated us all to the visual feast of irises and more.

Although Stonewall Abbey closed, we were treated to the opening of the Blue Rock Inn and the addition of an expanded seafood menu at High on the Hog.

The Sperryville Volunteer Fire Department’s Fourth of July has become an institution and the fruits of that fundraising can be seen in the construction of a new service bay area.

The Sperryville Volunteer Rescue Squad continues to provide excellent response to calls and continues to recruit new members.

The Chateauville Foundation rehearsals at the Link are a treat that foretells Lorin and Dietlinde Maazel’s four-week summer music festival. We are now thrilled to also have music on the deck of the Thornton River Grille for most of the summer and fall weekends.

Promoting tourism got a boost with the addition of the Rappahannock County Visitors Center to supplement the Web site at visitrappahannockva.com. The Rappahannock County Farm Tour and RAAC’s annual Studio and Gallery Tour are our fall anchors for tourists and the Blue Ridge Workshops continue to bring groups of 20 to 25 photographers to Sperryville for weekend workshops.

Home renovations on Main Street continued during the year and we all are eagerly awaiting the opening of Rappahannock Central. The Copper Fox Distillery obtained a permit to sell on the premises and Andrew Haley changed the name of his gallery to include his name: Haley Fine Art. We love having an antique store on Main Street and the Knit Wit Yarn Shop has become of center of activity and sales and has even bringing us live sheep and llamas.

Community fundraisers reflect the generosity of our citizens in caring for each other. December found us stocking up from local farms and at our unique markets such as Roy’s Orchard for the holidays. December also brought us the breakfast service at Thornton River Grille and a gathering place once again.

There is so much more but one thing is certain, Sperryville is a vibrant community, a beautiful place to live, and we have almost everything we need right here. Happy New Year to you all.

Rocks into walls

Standing around the coffee pot at the Corner Store with Eddie Wayland and Rudy Frye last Sunday, we learned that there was a major fill project many years ago (just prior to World War II) at the site of what is now Shaw’s Services at the intersection of U.S. 522 and 211. John Dodson hauled 700 loads of stone at $1 a load in a 1935 dump truck from his farm on what is now called Pearl Lane in Major’s Hollow to the construction site. If you look along the river, behind Shaw’s, you will see the hand-built stone wall that was created from these loads of stone. I am in awe at the skilled labor that created that wall and the wall on Water Street. Stop and take a look some time!

Mission trip planned

Reynolds Memorial Baptist Church announces that Joy Heddleston, daughter of Pastor and Mrs. Jon Heddleston and a junior at Liberty University, will be accompanying 15 other students on a mission trip to Ethiopia from May 17 to 31. Come and enjoy the luncheon she will prepare for you at the church on Sunday, Jan. 16 at noon, and hear her explain the mission trip in detail. Donations for the luncheon will be appreciated and applied toward the mission trip. Call 540-987-9101 for more information.

Condolences, best wishes

Our condolences go to Nina Moore and Jeanne Drevas. Their Mom, Helen Moore, died at age 93 just before Christmas. Helen was an active woman who drove her car and played tennis several times a week until just recently. She was a fixture at each of Jeanne’s studio openings and sales events. She will be missed.

We send warm and loving thoughts to our good friend Beverly Hunter who is in the hospital in Manassas. We look forward to seeing her soon supervising the RappFLOW activities on the Thornton River in Sperryville.