Chester Gap column for Jan. 13

Fire and rescue banquet

The Chester Gap Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department will be hosting its annual awards banquet Jan. 29. The banquet begins at 5 p.m. with an hour of socializing, with the meal starting at 6.

The department will be providing ham, turkey, bread and beverages for those who are attending and ask only that those who do attend would please bring a covered dish to share with their neighbors. The banquet has been a great time for all in the past and this year’s banquet promises to be more of the same.

The department will be handing out their annual achievement awards after the meal to those members who have gone above and beyond during the past year in their service to the department. As always, there will also be the award for the Most Supportive Community Member, so make sure to come out and not only share some great food and fellowship but also to cheer on your neighbors and friends as we all find out who takes home the awards this year.

Young people stepping up

You know it’s always nice to see the next generation stepping up and taking part in their community, so it was doubly impressive to find two local youngsters doing just that this past Saturday. Dylan Norman and Ashley Crawford took their first steps toward becoming volunteer firemen by attending and passing their very first CPR class. Both are junior members of the Chester Gap Volunteer Fire and Rescue and needed their CPR certifications to be able to begin riding along and responding to actual calls.

Also attending class that day was EMS captain Tabetha Swain and Angie Norman, both of whom are very active members of the department. Being Dylan’s mom, Angie was very proud of her son for taking and passing the class and for his service with the department. So, congratulations to you, Dylan and Ashley, and thank you for taking that first step on what will hopefully be a lifelong and very rewarding career of service to our community!