Letter: A dim view of cell tower

With much appreciation for the Planning Commission, the Board of Supervisors and the tremendous responsibilities of both groups, I respectfully disagree with their collective decision to approve the first installation of AT&T’s proposed cell tower infrastructure.
My basis is simple: installing 199-foot cell towers (placing 12 panel antennas and related ground equipment located within a 50-by-50-foot area with ground equipment surrounded by an eight-foot chain-link fence) on scenic foothills is not in agreement with our county’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Clear, compelling language of the plan includes the declaration that Rappahannock first and foremost be defined as a “scenic county . . . the cornerstones upon which all of Rappahannock County’s land use planning shall stand.” Specifically, “a scenic county shall mean . . . one in which preservation and enhancement of the natural and historic beauty and cultural value of the countryside shall be respected as being of foremost importance . . . ” Land use goals include preserving “the overall viewshed of the county in its unspoiled, natural setting, which gives it special character and identity” and protecting “the natural, scenic, and historic resources, thus ensuring a high quality of life for our citizens.”

I am grateful for those who took the time to craft such a thoughtful, thorough plan that commands our respect as a community. I ask our governing body to commit to an open, constructive dialogue regarding the AT&T cell tower infrastructure. While doing so, let us each consult the “blueprint for all land use policy in Rappahannock County.” After all, it belongs to all of us.

Lisa Ramey

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