Letter: A height disadvantage

While supporting cell phone service in Rappahannock County, my wife and I were taken aback by the recent balloon test on the Jones property just off Woodward Road. The cell phone tower application states that: (1) “the visual impact of the tower is minimal from the surrounding properties and road,” and (2) “the nearest dwelling is over 800 feet away, across forested lands, and there is no development in the vicinity.”

We’re sorry, but most of that 800 feet is up our mountain — not away from the tower. Thus, the proposed height and location of the tower will affect the character and the value of our property. Because our driveway entrance is right across from the entrance to the tower site, planners could have and certainly should have driven up to our house to evaluate the impact from our property. To our knowledge, no one has examined our property with respect to the claims of the application.

While we agree with and support cell service in the county, as property owners we are directly affected by the proposed location and height of this tower. As Rappahannock County landowners we would like to see AT&T and the county consider alternative ways of providing cell service in Sperryville, such as drastically reducing the tower’s height and relocating the proposed site out of everyone’s view. We feel that these are reasonable requests.

Mike and Sue Luthi

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