Letter: Supervisors got it right on cell tower issue

The Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors meeting on the night of Jan. 3 was a shining example of effective representative government. A large contingent of the community crowded into the courthouse to express their opinions as to whether their board member should vote for, or against, the erection of a new AT&T cell tower in the county. There was no “vitriolic” rhetoric, and residents clearly and succinctly expressed their views.

I would personally like to thank those members of the board who voted in favor of the tower. As a resident of the Stonewall-Hawthorne District, I wish to give special thanks to Chris Parrish for a vote that reflected the expressed opinions of many residents in his district. Elected representatives should vote in a manner that reflects the will of the majority. Also of note, Mr. Parrish highlighted the importance of cellular communication in the event of a local/national disaster or emergency.

It was evident in the final vote that most supervisors were informed, educated and able to articulate the scope of the communication problems that we experience in Rappahannock County. Thank you, supervisors, for the hard and sometimes unforgiving work that you perform for our benefit.

Evelyn M. Kerr

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