Letter: Too tall an order

There is nothing subtle about them. The height of the AT&T 199-foot cell monopoles proposed in Sperryville and at the high school are a jarring contrast to Rappahannock’s rolling hillside and mountain vistas.

The 3-foot balloons used this past Saturday simply do not accurately represent the multiple 12-foot platforms being proposed at the top of the monopole.

Granted, Rappahannock County needs greater cell and Internet coverage. But we are not convinced that all the options to achieve this goal have been thoroughly considered.

We understand that AT&T needs to make a profit to justify the investment in Rappahannock. However, it is essential that AT&T use available technology to minimize the impacts on our county’s rural character. For instance, poles with internal components exist that make external platforms unnecessary. Though likely more expensive, this configuration can significantly reduce the visual impact at the top of the monopole.

Our rural landscape has been preserved through the decades with carefully considered land use policies. We do not want to lose what makes Rappahannock stand out from other areas and hope that the Planning Commission will take a closer look at this issue.

Ashley and Jamie Matthews

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