Down Memory Lane/Out of the Attic

From the Rappahannock News of Feb. 10, 1993: Rebecca Tupper, left, and Kevin Melton take a break from their pre-kindergarten class at the Child Care and Learning Center (CCLC). Photo by Sharon Kilpatrick.

50 years ago
February 23, 1961

Following an old custom, Rappahannock fox hunters celebrated George Washington’s birthday with a joint meet. Hunt club hounds, and hounds owned by John F. Kinsey of “Jessamine Hill” and W. F. Moffett, Jr., made up the pack. The merits of the individual hounds were discussed before and after the hunt. This was followed by the traditional breakfast at Mt. Prospect, the home of W.A. Miller, master of the Rappahannock Hounds, and Mrs. Miller, to which people from the countryside and a number of additional guests were invited.

For the second time this season, the Rappahannock Panthers defeated the Marshall basketball team by one point with a score of 35 to 34. With a one-point lead, Rappahannock froze the ball for about a minute and a half to ensure a win. Butch Browning and Richard Belch each came up with 12 points to eke out the victory.

On Monday, H.S. Barksdale, Herbert Foster, Andrew Williams and Emory Russell toured the Aileen Knitwear Mill in Strasburg. They were very much impressed with the operations there. After talking with a plant representative they feel that the next Aileen plant will be located in Rappahannock as the company continues to expand.

25 years ago
January 23, 1986

The Dennis Store in Scrabble is an old-fashioned place — the kind of store that brings back memories of childhood. Robert G. Dennis, Sr., has been managing the business in Scrabble for the past 30 years. He is helped by his wife, Doris, who keeps the books and minds the store in the afternoon. The building was built by Robert’s father about 60 years ago and the Dennises have maintained the old country tradition of keeping a supply of many provisions on hand.

The Architectural Review Board (ARB) was presented with an application at its regular monthly meeting on Jan. 16. Donna Fisher presented members with plans for a new sign at the Washington Antiques Center. Members Carol Miller, Jim Thomasson, and Evelyn Willis agreed that the sign should be permitted.

Former Washington Mayor Dorothy Davis wants to subdivide her land, currently zoned for agricultural and conservation purposes, into a seven-lot subdivision. On Jan. 15, the Rappahannock County Planning Commission recommended that she apply to the Board of Supervisors for a rezoning of the property, since a division of five or more lots that includes lots of under 25 acres must be zoned Residential Subdivision 1 (RS-1). The 158.5-acre site is on a hill off Route 211 overlooking the town of Washington.