Letter: Our children’s brains

I believe I speak for many people in this county, especially parents of children in the public schools. Given both the horrible aesthetic impact of a nearly 200-foot tower on U.S. 211 towering up behind the school, and a potential long-term health hazard of low-energy radio waves on the brains of children, I urge the Rappahannock County board of supervisors to defer the AT&T application.
Public awareness of the many studies (cancer-aware.com/cell-phones-for-kids is one of many Web sites) on this topic needs to be raised before final decisions are made. If we are afraid of snowflakes affecting our kids’ safety, why aren’t legitimate scientific concerns about long-term effects on children’s health just as important? There are other options for cell tower placement. Let’s take the time to explore them.

County residents — speak up.

John Kiser
Slate Mills

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