Workshop teaches improv techniques

Gary Jacobs

Have you ever felt that you have an “inner performer or writer” longing to get out? Or sensed that you have resources of creativity and imagination that you’ve become too “grownup” to access? Or would you just like to have a terrifically good time?

If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, be sure to sign up for the Improv Workshop to be held Feb. 27 from 12:30 to 5 p.m. at Washington Town Hall. The workshop is presented by the RAAC Community Theatre.

The workshop will be led by Gary Jacobs, who has been teaching, producing, and directing improvisation for actors and non-actors alike for 28 years. In addition to teaching throughout the U.S., Jacobs is the founder and director of Precipice, a theater dedicated to improv, in Washington D.C. A Precipice-trained improv group performed last September at the RAAC Community Theatre. To learn more about Jacobs and his work with improv, see

Improv is a form of acting in which performers spontaneously create dialogue, setting, and plot out of a situation, set of words, or suggestion from a leader or, in a performance setting, the audience. Many writers also use improv to help with their work.
At the workshop, Jacobs will guide participants through the process as they gain confidence in performing without a script and to respond quickly.

“Some people are afraid to try improv,” says Jacobs. “They are afraid I’ll make them stand in front of everyone and make something up. My workshops are not like that at all.” In his workshops, participants work together, having fun in the creative process.

Early registration is strongly recommended. The cost is $50. Bottled water will be provided, and participants are welcome to bring their own snacks. Wear comfortable, loose clothes. To reserve a place, send an email to or call 540-675-3193. Include your name, number of reservations needed, and a contact number.

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