County population hits 7,373 in 2010

Rappahannock County’s population grew by 390 over the past 10 years, according to the latest figures from the U.S. Census Bureau. A total of 7,373 people now reside in the county, compared to 6,983 in the year 2000.

A midyear 2010 U.S. Census Bureau report had shown a population drop from 7,102 on April 1, 2000 to 7,035 on July 1, 2009. The earlier figure, reported in the Rappahannock News, was based on estimates, while the new figures compare “apples to apples,” based as they are on the 2010 census, said Robert Bernstein, a spokesman for the Census Bureau.

The Census Bureau released population figures for the state of Virginia on Feb. 3. The report has a breakdown by county.

Population increases were seen in nearby counties. The current population for each, with year 2000 figures in parenthesis follows: Culpeper – 46,689 (34,262), up 36 percent; Warren – 37,575 (31,584), up 19 percent; Fauquier – 65,203 (55,139), 18 percent; Madison – 13,308 (12,520), 5.9 percent; and Page – 24,042 (23,177), 3.7 percent. Rappahannock’s population gain represents a 5.6 percent increase.

The state’s population was placed at 8,001,024 in 2010. Fairfax County is the most populous county in Virginia with 1,081,726 residents. Its population grew by 11.5 percent since 2000. Prince William County places second with a population of 402,002, but saw a population increase of 43.2 percent in the past decade. Loudoun County’s population stands at 312,311. Its population zoomed by 84 percent since 2000.

Rappahannock County’s increase took it from the sixth least-populous county to the seventh.

The 2010 census will be used to redraw federal, state and local legislative districts to take into account population shifts since the 2000 census.

More information can be found by going to the 2010 Census Web site at

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