Letter: Experts needed for interviews

A classical education at Wakefield Country Day School (WCDS) means that students from the beginning are taught to be critical thinkers, to gain a deeper understanding of what they study. These years of study — learning to think, read, write, and speak effectively — culminate in an important graduation requirement: All students research, publish and defend a senior thesis.

Each member of the WCDS senior class of 16 students has-selected a topic, one which stimulates his or her own intellectual curiosity. This year’s topics include: the effects of water scarcity in India; lifting the veil on the women of Afghanistan; modern America slave labor; the damaging psychological effects of stereotyping; a cultural assessment of world medicinal practices; the disappearance of the All-American Man; the ethical treatment of animals; modern-day school segregation; universalized healthcare in America; the science of beauty; detrimental effects of foreign aid to Sub-Sahara Africa; postcolonial impressions of India in world literature; Asperger’s Syndrome as a learning style; the dangers of the illegal wildlife trade; the death and resurrection of the American muscle car; and why archaeology is important to understanding the Bible.

As successful researchers, these students have learned to make their topics a part of their daily conversations with family, friends, teachers, and neighbors. The key to a fresh, original paper very often begins beyond the boundaries of traditional research — through personal connections students find deeper meaning in their pursuit of knowledge and understanding.

For these reasons, the seniors of WCDS would like your help. If you have expertise in any of the subject matters listed above and would like to share your experience with a student, please phone 540-635-8555 or email lramey@wakefieldcds.org with your contact information. I will then coordinate an interview time or arrange for written correspondence.

Your life and work experiences may be just the connection our students need to produce a rich, provoking, and compelling paper.

Lisa Ramey,
Senior thesis adviser
Wakefield Country Day School
Flint Hill

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