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You already can tell it was a hot week hereabouts from our front page — though there were no cellular monopole hearings to heat up the headlines this week. (There’s a web update here of the county planning commission hearing on AT&T’s proposals to extend Sprint poles in Ben Venue and Amissville, which took place after press time Wednesday night.)

The school division, meanwhile, hosts a public meeting at 6 p.m. today (Feb. 17) at the high school auditorium on athletic program issues, including Superintendent Aldridge Boone’s proposal to eliminate the athletic director position.

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Take your best shot

The Rappahannock County Sheriff’s Office is offering a course on handgun use that is free to county residents. It involves 10 hours of instruction, including time on a shooting range. The “Basic Handgun Shooting and Safety Fundamentals” course requires no prior experience with a handgun.

The class will be held from 6:30 to 9 p.m. Feb. 22 and 24 at the Washington Fire House and will gather Saturday, Feb. 26 for the firing range training.

Persons interested should contact the Sheriff’s Office, 540-675-5300, to register by Friday (Feb. 18). Questions may be directed to Major Scott Jenkins, the lead firearms instructor for the course.

Students must have their own handgun and at least 100 rounds of ammunition, and eye protection. Certificates will be awarded after successful completion of the course. The certificate can be used in applying for a concealed weapon permit.

The Sheriff’s Office offers this training on a quarterly basis, with first priority to those citizens currently without a carry permit.

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Folk music from the mountains

The Theatre at Washington will resound with music from the mountains and hollows of Virginia and beyond on Feb. 26 at 8 p.m. with a performance by Alan Jabbour, on fiddle, and Ken Perlman, on banjo.

Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for students under 18. For reservations, or a copy of the Theatre’s spring schedule, call 540-675-1253 or email

Down the drain with cancer

Don’t you wish we could just flush cancer away?
We know it’s not that easy, but a local Relay For Life team will hold a “flush away cancer” drive as a fundraiser. The team will place a purple decorated toilet in someone’s yard. To have the toilet removed takes a minimum $10 donation. A $30 donation serves as “insurance” the toilet won’t come back. A minimum $10 donation can have it placed in another yard.

It’s all meant in fun. The toilet will only go in someone’s yard when a friend or family member asks for it to be placed there. The fundraiser will start March 1. If you would like to put the toilet in a friend or family’s yard, contact Katherine Todd at 540-522-6656. So be on the lookout for that purple toilet, and help raise money to find a cure.

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4-H goes to RAWL

The Rappahannock 4-H Livestock Club took a field trip to the Rappahannock Animal Welfare League Shelter last month where they toured the facility and donated cleaning supplies, dog toys and dogs treats as part of their community service project.

Shown in the photo are, from left, veterinarian Jim Massie, Brittany Jones from RAWL, Allie Yowell, Kourtney Yowell and Christian McCracken.

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