Kindergarten class celebrates 100 days

Wakefield student Ruthie McMahon describes her 100th day project. Photo by Marcy Lauben.

The 16 students in Wakefield Country Day School’s kindergarten class had a “100th Day of School” celebration Feb. 23. The children completed individual projects at home and brought them in to share with the class. The children each gave a presentation to their classmates about how they completed their projects, what items they used and how they counted the objects.

The students and projects were: Ava Lubkemann, 100 jungle animal stickers on a poster board with a picture of Africa hand drawn on it; Bayleigh Fox, a poster board of 100 of her favorite items — some hand drawn, some photos, some pictures from magazines; Anna Alldredge, 100 macaroni noodles strung on a necklace; Sadie Heinzelman, 100 of her favorite baby zoo animal stickers on a poster board; Jessica Keller, a snowman made of 65 cotton balls and 35 pompoms; Victoria Calderon, a rainbow and cloud picture using 100 mini marshmallows; Ruthie McMahon, 100 hand-colored toothpicks glued on a poster board in various designs and shapes; Alexis Cross, glow in the dark unicorn puzzle — glued together; Colby Poe, 100 beans glued on a piece of paper in the shape of 100; Josh Gayle, 100 Lego pieces put together in a fort; Tyler Farley, 100 puzzle pieces put together (puppies); Ansel Lauben, 100 pictures on a slideshow presentation (computer) put to music of his trip to California; Jess Seaborn, fort made out of 100 mini-marshmallows glued together; Stuart Niessen, 100 Lego pieces built together in the shape of a tower and helicopter; Jack Gerard, 100 puzzles pieces put together (ducklings); and Aaron Hubley, 100 jellybeans.

The students also each also counted out 100 fruit loops, strung them on yarn with a “100” tag and wore their 100th day of school necklaces all day.

While in class, the group made individual “100th-Day” books, filling in the answers to sentences with a “100” theme with their own words and pictures.

“The children’s ideas in the books were priceless,” said Kindergarten teacher Jennifer Deal. “We also counted to 100 by ones, tens and fives several times during the day. To end the day, we had a 100th-day party where we enjoyed cookies, popcorn and juice.”

Deal added that the school day ended before the students could make a paper chain of 100 links together, and hang it in their room. But that’s now for another day.