The Rapp for March 31

Del. Clay Athey is departing but his House district — and open seat — might be arriving in Rappahannock; Cooter finishes symphony; Reagan Day is April 30; play (or work) for free in the park April 16-24. […]

Uncategorized Poll #1: Frequent eats

In the Rappahannock News’ first online poll at over the past week — a highly unscientific, hardly conclusive experiment — 55 respondents might have confirmed something everybody around here already suspected: Rappahannock County’s most well-known restaurants are not meant for everyday use. […]


‘Proof’: relevant and related

On April 22 and 30, the RAAC Theatre moves into new territory with a production of “Proof,” a play that in 2001 won three “Best Play” awards and the Pulitzer Prize for drama. Unlike the theater’s recent comedic productions, while “Proof” has moments of humor, the play asks fundamentally serious questions. […]


Washington column for March 31

The 4-H Livestock Club visits the vet, and the 4-H talent show is a big success; take a break from cooking Sunday at Washington Baptist for a good cause; birthdays, prayers, Grandma’s Attic and a wish for spring. […]


Editorial: Spring is sprung

Growing up in neighboring Fauquier County, I always knew when spring had finally sprung. The awareness lay not in the sweet scents and soft pastels of dogwoods and shad blossoms — but in the bright colors and pungent smells of Saturdays at the races. […]

Wild Ideas

Wild Ideas: Name that tune

The vernal equinox did not disappoint in officially kicking off spring this year. I woke that fine day to the welcome if monotonous sound of my eastern phoebes (Sayornis phoebe) signaling their return — at least this is probably the same pair as last year, since they’re loyal to their nesting sites. […]

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Sperryville Column

Sperryville column for March 31

Thank you! This is the message from the residents on Main Street, Water Street and U.S. 522 (and from those who live off the main roads but who walk along our streets) to the Sheriff and her great team of deputies! On Sunday (March 27) alone, residents lost count after hearing the great sound of the cruiser’s siren eight times and seeing eight cars and trucks stopped on various streets in our village. People were running across streets smiling to tell their neighbors; others were calling friends and neighbors. The sound of joy reverberated on every start of the siren — “there he goes again!” […]