Courthouse Row for March 10

These home and land transfers were recorded Feb. 18-24 at the Rappahannock County Circuit Court Clerk’s office.

American Medical Students Association to Steven M. Salky and Gail G. Ifshin, 57.2716 acres, $857,000, deed bargain sale, tax map 158-21A

Jeannie Mchugh Schriver and Cameron Alexander Schriver and I. Christopher Parrish to Jeannie Mchugh-Schriver and Cameron Alexander Schriver, 12.7534 acres, $115,386.96, tax map 43-31

Geraldine B. Payne to Francis L. Payne, .281 acres, deed bargain sale, tax map 38A-1-71

Janet G. Town to Buddy C. Stolze and Cathy S. Stolze, BRME section G block 3 lot 12, $1,100.00, deed bargain sale, tax map 1E-2-3-12