Letter: Be factual, not hypocritical

I read with great interest Mr Zimmerli’s Letter to the Editor in which he decries both the awarding of a federal grant to a local Rappahannock business and the supposed closing of our local Extension office. Mr Zimmerli correctly alludes to the size of our federal debt. I too share his concerns Sadly, the record needs to be corrected with facts.

Fact: We are not “borrowing from China.” When we issue debt, anyone can buy our debt in the form of bonds and other securitized commodities.

Fact: China owns approximately seven percent of our unified debt. That’s right, seven. Many other countries own our debt, far more than big bad China.

Fact: If we have a problem with China, then we might want to practice what we speak. Raise your hand if you’ve shopped at Walmart or Home Depot or Lowes instead of the Coop or Clark’s Hardware in Culpeper or another local hardware store. If we have a problem with China, stop buying their stuff! I’m not defending China. I’m simply exposing American hypocrisy (yes, I said it) for what it is.

Fact: That budget-busting grant from the USDA to Narmada encourages local small business growth, creates local jobs in a county that needs them, and creates both federal and state tax income that pays for things like our Virginia Extension office and the USDA (which, I might add, has handed many a dollar to this county over the years).

Fact: Our local Virginia Extension office does outstanding work and provides great services to our residents. That program is funded by Virginia taxpayer dollars.

Fact: USDA’s small-business grant program does outstanding work and provides great services to our residents. That program is funded by federal taxpayer dollars.

Two separate pots of money. And last time I checked, the states are begging the feds for money but the train doesn’t go the other way?

These are facts. They’re irrefutable. So let’s get our facts straight, let’s think about how our taxpayer dollars are spent, and let’s put our money where our mouths are. Stop buying Chinese products while decrying the Chinese. Because they are laughing all the way to the bank.

Jimmy Williams

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