Letter: Et tu, Walter?


May I call you that? I’m unsure based on your editorial of March 24 if you are friend or foe. If your intent was to keep us guessing whether you were being sarcastic or just plain scary, then your editorial on Eric Cantor and the issue of redistricting was brilliant.

On the chance that you were serious, please don’t heap “we” and “us” and “our” in your pile of praise for Congressman Cantor because not all of “us” agree that unbending party allegiance trumps working across party lines for the betterment of district, state, country and planet.

Not all of “us” are impressed by the insatiable quest for power that has left this primarily rural district reliant on Fox News to catch a glimpse of our representative.

Not all of “us” are so short-sighted as to think that environmental protection and education are disposable interests.

Lastly, regarding the redistricting issue at the heart of Walter’s discourse, some of “us” actually side with Ward Armstrong, the minority leader of Virginia’s House of Delegates, who recently paid our county a real-life visit. Voters should choose their representatives, rather than the status quo of representatives choosing their voters.

But, Walter (if I may call you that), maybe you shouldn’t ever tell me if your comments were tongue-in-cheek because I prefer pretending that I live in a democracy with a press that is fair and impartial.

Heidi Lesinski

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