Sperryville column for March 31

A speed trap by any other name

Thank you! This is the message from the residents on Main Street, Water Street and U.S. 522 (and from those who live off the main roads but who walk along our streets) to the Sheriff and her great team of deputies! On Sunday (March 27) alone, residents lost count after hearing the great sound of the cruiser’s siren eight times and seeing eight cars and trucks stopped on various streets in our village. People were running across streets smiling to tell their neighbors; others were calling friends and neighbors. The sound of joy reverberated on every start of the siren — “there he goes again!”

It took several years to get the speed reduced by VDOT, and having this great enforcement support from the Sheriff’s Office is greatly appreciated (albeit not from those who got warnings or tickets!).

A clean sweep?

Yes, a reminder that it is spring clean-up time for the village Saturday (April 2). Please meet us at The House on Water Street (almost the corner of Water Street and U.S. 522) with your gloves, brooms and shovels at 10. Trash bags will be provided.
Projects: (1) sweep or shovel the sidewalks on Main Street (2) pick up trash on Water Street and (3) pick up trash along U.S. 522 from the Corner Store to the cemetery. We are still looking for an agile volunteer to do the river clean-up. The trash in the Thornton River has got to be cleaned out. As a reminder, what goes in the river continues to the bay.

Special occasions or memories

Having a birthday? A special anniversary? Time to remember someone special? Please email us at sperryvillenews@gmail.com, or call Barbara at 540-987-9706 or Gail at 540-987-8840 so we can include those dates that you would like honored.