Washington column for March 31

Members of the 4-H Livestock Club really got into their recent visit to Rose Hill Veterinary Clinic – and were weighed together on the large-animal scale at Dr. Derek Vandrey’s office. Photo courtesy Courtney Dodson.

4-H Livestock Club tour

The 4-H Livestock Club got a tour from large-animal veterinarian Derek Vandrey at Rose Hill Veterinary Clinic, Washington, on March 21.

The children will be working on their 4-H project for the farm show in July in Culpeper. They were shown the large animal scale and were all weighed at once on it. Their total weight was 1,215 pounds! Everyone enjoyed the visit with Dr. Vandrey.

Anyone from age 9 to 18 is welcome to join the 4-H Livestock Club, whose members learn about a variety of animals; those who own livestock will learn to show their animals for the summer’s Culpeper-Madison-Rappahannock (CMR) Farm Show (cmrfair.com).

Members who raise an animal to show and sell at the farm show learn many skills and must feed, tend to and care for their animal at all times. Club members earn money from the sale of their animals and many use this money to purchase another animal to raise, or to start a college fund (or both). You do not need to own a livestock animal to be in the club, however.

For more information, call the Extension office at 540-675-3619.


There were 14 acts in this year’s 4-H Share the Fun talent show, which took place at the Rappahannock Elementary School March 13. There was lots of singing, some rope-jumping and someone recited poetry. The show was entertaining and all of the performers did a wonderful job of presenting their talents to an audience of more than 70 people.

Jenny Kapsa, 4-H coordinator, would like to thank all of the 4-H Share the Fun talent show performers: Kerri Baker, Savannah Loving, Wynnie Thompson, Kellie Baker, Katelyn Fisher, Venissalyn Frazier, Natalya White, Tatyana Yates, Ashlyn, Connelly, Kathryn Fisher, Hailey Whorton, Megan Dodson, Macy Montgomery and Elizabeth Fisher.

Said Kapsa: “Many thanks go to the volunteers who made this program possible: Malinda Fisher and Diana Corbin, who coordinated the entire event, donating many hours to make the program the success that it was; Tasha White, who gave her time at every rehearsal and the final performance, making it possible for the program to be held at the RCES free of charge; Cheryl Taylor, who judged the performers and provided each of them with feedback; Emma Fisher, for emceeing the performance; and Joey Loving for overseeing the sound system at the rehearsals and the final performance.”

Kapsa also thanked RCES for letting 4-H use the auditorium program and to the parents of the performers for allowing their children to show their talents.

Good cause, good lunch

If Mom’s looking for a break from cooking a meal on Sunday, Washington Baptist Church is hosting a luncheon fundraiser at 12:30 p.m. Sunday (April 3) to support six of their members serving on a summer mission team to the Cheyenne River Tribe of the Sioux reservation in Eagle Butte, S.D. Everyone is invited, so load the whole family in the car and head to the church and enjoy the meal and fellowship. Donation only. Get a day off from cooking while supporting a good cause. What a deal! Call the church office at 540-675-3336 or Wanda Snead at 540-987-9336 for more information.

Wishes to you

Belated birthday wishes go out to two special friends of mine, Ray Gooch, who celebrated his day on March 23, and also Frances Foster, who celebrated her special day on March 28.

Also, birthday wishes go out to Amber Dodson, who turns 15 on Sunday, April 3. Amber is the daughter of Lisa Dodson, who is a deputy in the county treasurer’s office.

Prayer list

On our daily prayer list, remember Brenda Woodward of Washington. Brenda was in an accident March 21 on U.S. 211 and Leeds Manor Road near Orlean. She will have a long recovery ahead of her. Also remember her sister, Sherry Jenkins, who was with her in the car and was also injured.

Grandma’s attic sale

Washington Baptist Church is getting ready for its annual Grandma’s Attic inside yard sale — which is on Fodderstack 10K race day, April 16, from 8 to 2 in the church’s fellowship hall.

Beforehand, sale items may be left at the church on April 14 and April 15 from 8 to 8. Please do not bring clothes or shoes. Remember, one person’s junk is another person’s treasure. Make plans to attend and find your treasure.

And keep looking for spring — I assure you, it will be here soon.

Have a wonderful week!