Fiscal year 2012 budget: drafted

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While negotiations continue – or continue to stall – on federal and state budgets, in Rappahannock County, there will be a public hearing April 25 at the high school auditorium for the relatively unchanged and non-controversial 2012 county and school budgets.

The proposed $22.125 million county budget submitted to the board of supervisors this week by County Administrator John W. McCarthy looks much like the current budget. Taxes and fees will remain the same, McCarthy said. There are no new positions, or compensation increases, except for restoring the longevity incentive plan that was halted three years ago, he said.

Total expected revenue for the county is $21,658,163, an an increase of $1,605,663 from fiscal year 2011.

The county anticipates collecting $53,500 more in real estate taxes than last fiscal year, and $25,000 more in personal property taxes. Anticipated revenue from local sales, consumer utility, communication sales and use, and meals and lodging taxes remains constant from last fiscal year. The amount collected from motor vehicle license fees is expected to be four thousand dollars less in in 2012 than 2011.

In the proposed budget, anticipated expenditures total $22,125,569.

Although there are significant capital improvement projects scheduled for the schools, school board offices, the courthouse and other facilities, no increase in taxes is necessary for funding. The work will be paid for by loans from the Virginia Public Schools Authority (VPSA) and drawn from surplus in the county’s general fund, McCarthy said. About $1.4 million will be borrowed from VPSA, McCarthy. The first payment installment of $150,000 is part of the proposed school budget, as it was last year.

One benefit in all of these projects will be reduction in energy usage, McCarthy noted, resulting in future cost savings.

The board will vote on the school budget in its May 2 monthly meeting.

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